Nikki Hearts Gets ANALIZED

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Sexy lesbian couple Nikki Hearts and Leigh Raven is a big fan of James Deen. Leigh bets on the camera that she will let the king of rough porn fuck her wife in the ass if he would see them in person. The thought of having to finally meet their idol made the tattooed girls excited. The two decide that they need to prepare Nikki’s tight asshole if James Deen is really coming over. James Deen always loves interacting with his loyal fans. When he heard that two fans want to meet him, he quickly comes to visit. James smiles wildly as he enters the door. He doesn’t want to waste any time. James wants to get their end of the bargain. The two share a deep passionate kiss before going down on Nikki’s pussy. He eats her pussy while sticking a glass toy into her ass. Nikki moans softly as James tries to jam the toy deep in her ass. It takes a while before the buttplug is finally one of Nikki’s anal cavity. After eating her pussy, James lets Nikki suck his cock. The sight of her wife fucking their idol is too much to resist. Leigh joins the fray. The lesbian couple shares his cock. Leigh spreads her partner’s mouth while James fucks Nikki in the mouth. The girls continue deepthroating his massive cock. The sloppy blowjob lubed up his penis. This made it easier for James to stick his cock into Nikki’s tight asshole. He slides his cock in and out of her asshole while aggressively rubbing her cunt. The two continue to fuck each other. Nikki squirts every time she reaches orgasm. James continues to pound her ass. Her pussy juice gushes out uncontrollably every time she cums. Leigh constantly joins in the action, licking her wife’s pussy juice. Nikki and James continue their anal session. They have sex in different positions. Her tight asshole gapes widely each time James pulls out his cock. He continues to fuck her in the ass until he feels like he is about to cum. He shoots his cum all over her tiny body.


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