Ciara Bugatti and Gigi: Please, Fuck Our Asses


Super Euro babes, Ciara Bugatti and Gigi have been friends for some time, and they are both extremely sexual beings, and they had the grand idea, which they were wondering why they had never thought about it before, of inviting two of their male friends and sharing in some insane and wild group sex. They are both at the house of one of their male companions, and they model for them and touch and squeeze each other all over. Ciara, the brunette with big tits bends over and spreads her ass, while Gigi, the sexy porcelain skinned redhead spanks her and removes her thong to reveal Ciara’s holes, and Gigi begins to rub them and lick on them. They both get naked and rub their tits together, then they both bend over and finger their own pussies and then they play with each other’s assholes, what are best friends for? As they have gotten themselves all lubed up and ready, their friends come in to play. Both Ciara and Gigi get on their knees and suck on each of the hard cocks, these cocks did not come over to have normal run of the mill sex, they came here to FUCK, and they will give it to them rough. The girls begin to choke and gag as they get face fucked and they try to deepthroat these big white cocks. These fellas play with the girls’ tight assholes before ramming their huge cocks down their throats, Gigi chokes on her cock but Ciara is a pro at sucking massive cock. Gigi stands in doggystyle position and gets her tight asshole stretched, but then both cocks turn on Ciara, one fucking her exotic asshole and the other fucking her dirty mouth, while Gigi rubs her best friend’s clit. However, one of the cocks notices that Gigi has no hole filled and he fixes that and she moans and gasps at his big cock being inside of her. The girls trade cocks and fuck every hole available. The girls get fucked and stretched so hard that their assholes gape wide. After all the anal insanity, the girls get on their knees and take fat loads from their respective cocks, the girls make out and swap the cum with each other before swallowing and laughing.


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