Debbie White Gets an Ass Full of Cock


Debbie White


Debbie is wearing only a thong and a few other pieces of clothes that are see-through. She doesn't wait around, she starts stripping down and using her favorite dildo. She puts the dildo in her pussy and her ass. At this point, her friends arrive to give her a hand, literally. While she is fucking herself in the ass with the dildo, her friend is fingering her. However, soon, her friend wants more than just to finger her, so he takes his cock out and fucks Dabbie's pussy while the dildo is still in her ass. Then he makes her suck his cock for a bit, before putting her down on a stool and fucking her ass from behind. Once he's done fucking her from behind, the man puts Dabbie on her back and fucks her while staring into her eyes. To finish her off, he puts Dabbie on her side and fucks her in the ass until he cums.


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