Monica Santiago Gets Double Teamed


Brazilian big booty brunette slut, Monica Santiago, shows off her bodacious ass in a skimpy black bikini, then drenches her lovely backside in an ungodly amount of baby oil. As her ass glistens and shines from the baby oil she twerks it and bounces it up and down, showing off how well she can potentially bounce it on some nice fat cocks. Monica continues to spread her ass cheeks and rub the baby oil all over, then squatting and covering her tits in the oil, making her nice and shiny, like a brand-new toy. As though the bottle of baby oil granted wishes, two dudes with big dicks show up ready to demolish Monica. She immediately gravitates toward them and begins sucking on one while jerking off the other. Each cock gets a turn in her mouth, she slurps and licks up and down each shaft. Monica uses the cocks to reveal her small tits from her bikini and rubs her lovely nipples with the cocks, she moans as her nipples are quite sensitive. The guys are tired of fucking around, one of them grabs Monica’s head and shoves his cock in her mouth until it hits the back of her throat, she chokes slightly, but she never stops jerking off the other cock, Monica is a professional dick wrangler. The guys sit, and she stands and spreads her ass as she continues to suck their cocks and they reach and spank her. One of them stands behind her and fucks her while she continues to suck the other’s cock; her ass bouncing and jiggling as she gets penetrated from behind. The dudes both sit again, and she sits and rides one of them while sucking the other’s cock, showing off her agile flexibility. To get better leverage, the dude who's getting his dick sucked stands and Monica sucks his cock even better than she was before, and her ass continuously bounces and jiggles as she gets fucked and rides her steed. As she rides harder and faster her dick sucking also speeds up, choking and gagging on his cock. With every single fuck and suck Monica is moaning and humming sensually. They fuck her roughly on the floor and soon move back to the couch. The guys decide that they haven’t fucked her rough enough, so they team up and fill both of her holes in double penetration action, one lying on the couch and fucking her pussy and the other filling her tight little asshole, Monica screams and shrieks as both her holes get filled and stretched to their maximum potential, but as she gets used to it she huffs and puffs and then starts to moan loudly. They continue to fuck her asshole hard and rough her up and she loves it and begs for more. After stretching her asshole and pussy they fuck her mouth and facial her.


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