Gabriella Paltrova: Her Ass Just Can't Get Enough


A pale brunette with small but tasty tits visits ANALIZED to get her fuck holes served. ANALIZED offers James Deen to do the job. This pale sex machine goes by the name of Gabriella Paltrova. She goes around the house to showcase her nice bits before meeting up with James Deen in the living room. Once she meets up with him, they started sticking their tongues to each other’s throat. James also made sure that her tits gets pleasured so he goes down and starts sucking on them for a bit. James then drags her to a nearby wall and bends her over. He then buries his face and starts eating her out for a while. Later on, they discovered a compartment in the wall. James placed her there and spreads her legs wide open. He continued what he’s doing earlier and added some finger fucking in the process. Gabriella brings back the favor later on. She drops down to her knees and starts working on his dick. She slurps, licks and sucks all of it for a while and James gave some effort into it afterwards. He proceeds on face fucking Gabriella, making her gag a couple of times in this process. Moving on, James drags her to a nearby couch and he sits down for Gabriella to ride his dick. She bounces up and down for a while then James slams her to the couch eventually to lie down on her back. She lifts her legs up and spreads her fuck holes as wide as she can. James uses his fingers to pleasure this slut for a while before proceeding on using his big dick again. From this, they went back and forth, moved from places to places in that room until James was unable to prevent cumming. When he really needed to do it, Gabriella drops down to her knees for one last time and opened her mouth wide open. He deposits his huge load of cum into her mouth for her to swallow.


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